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24-7 Storytelling helps businesses, government organisations and NGO's to effectively use Storytelling within their organisation. Turning strategy, innovation and change into a clear story that can be understood by everyone. But most importantly, a story that takes a strategy from concept into concrete action.

Our work ranges from "one to one" story coaching to building collective stories with the entire organisation.

There are as many definitions of storytelling as there are stories.
This is how we see it.

Storytelling is a powerful way to:
- Make your message stick
- Turn ideas into action
- Change people's behaviour
- And find out what's really going on

Never underestimate the power of a story, especially in business.
It isn't a magic wand to solve any problem, but it does have a lot of possibilities.
In the end it isn't the facts or the most convincing arguments that inspire people to take action, it's the story.

We are called 24-7 Storytelling for a reason. We believe that everything has a story and everything tells a story. We are all telling stories, all day, everyday.
The only question is: Is it the story you need to tell?



- To learn
- To change
- To share
- To activate
- To move and Inspire
- To inspire
- To show leadership
- To explain
- To give an example
- To remember

24-7 Storytelling

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